Minimalist Portraits

My style has often been described as "Minimalist" - by which I believe people mean that i remove pare down my compositions to the bare minimum and use only lighting to bring my models to life. By keeping things simple and clean, the viewer has little choice but to look at the elements I present. This, in turn encourages the viewer to bring his own perspectives, opinions and preferences into the process of interpreting the photograph. Interestingly, if some object or prop is introduced into the photograph, no matter how subtle or insignificant, it takes on huge importance. That's fun to play with. This series of portraits covers many years and many different "types". I am interested in what the viewer sees in the portrait and if that is confirmed or challenged by the little bit of information given.

Business Man Accountant Artist & Professor Dancer Masseur Architect Airline Steward Administrator Landscape Architect IT Suregeon DJ Musician & Teacher Banker City Planner Promoter Entertainer Writer Adult Film Actor Policeman Student & Model Business Man Information Technology Government Model Model Telecoms Trainer & Escort Psychiatrist Masseur & Student Architect Escort Masseur Artist Model Designer & Surgeon Teacher Architect Model Film Maker Playwright Student & Teacher Lawyer Body Builder & Chef Student & IT Model Documentary Film Maker Writer Athlete & IT Masseur Administrator Architect Designer Photographer & Teacher Psychiatrist Artist & Dancer Capoeira Dancer  & Student Photographer Model IT