Vanity Bear

Vanity Fair magazine and its chief photographer Annie Leibovitz have consistently produced some of the most memorable, important and timely portrait photographs. Lebovitz's mastery of her craft coupled with the roster of celebrities Vanity Fair manages to attract work together to create iconic imagery that acts as the first and last word on what is glamorous, attractive, important and powerful. You make it onto the cover of Vanity Fair magazine because you matter. The photos themselves are highly stylised and manage to impart to all of their subjects an air of gravitas, depth and eternal style. Of course, there are issues around who get picked, and which parts of the community are overlooked, not to mention a very US/Hollywood centric perspective. I wondered what it would be like to select an altogether different kind of "celebrity" and apply the Vanity Fair treatment. To that end, I created Vanity Bear. Does the way these men are presented send out a message about who and what we should believe they are?